From the first day we dreamt of creating a business we envisioned that philanthropy would play a significant role in that effort.  Thus Commerce for Change was born.

Commerce for Change is a fundraising call to action. We challenge all businesses, corporations and other corporate organizations and enterprises that sell products, goods or services for a profit to donate a percentage of those profits to a charitable organization working to make the world a better place. 

In organizing like-minded charitable giving businesses together, Commerce for Change will create, foster and grow corporate-giving throughout the country. Together we can make commerce a force for good.

Our goal is for every act of commerce, from purchasing a pair of earrings to buying a cup of coffee to going to a yoga class, to generate a donation to a charitable institution.  Our goal is to make buying and selling synonymous with philanthropy so that every consumer has the opportunity for giving as a reason to buy from a specific vendor. Although, Commerce for Change and Saint Lawrence were created simultaneously of each of, they are separate they are separate ventures.

As residents of Los Angeles, where there are over a 100,000 residents living on the street; there seems like no greater cause to fight for than homelessness. As residents of California, where apocalyptic wild fires occur by the handful every year; there seems like no greater cause to fight for than climate change. As residents of the United States, where women and African Americans are still marginalized some 240 years after the creation of ‘a more perfect union;’ there seems like no greater cause to fight for than #metoo and Black Lives Matter. Having worked in the sustainable food movement and in sustainable energy, Camilla and Alexander have realized that there are amazing people working incredibly hard trying to solve the local and global issues of our time and future. What they need more than anything is a consistent flow of money. The two of us can not solve each and every issue individually; however, we believe, through Commerce for Change we can help fund the organizations that can. Instead of relying on charitable giving as an individual responsibility, Commerce for Change wants to make it a part of the fabric of the economy, passing the responsibility from the individual onto the corporation, no matter the size. We at Saint Lawrence, in conjunction with Commerce for Change, pledge to donate 10% of our profit to Commerce for Change to help change how we give and in doing so the structure of our economy.