Saint Lawrence is a jewelry line created by us, Camilla and Alexander MacLean. We’re a married couple living in Los Angeles with two kids and a tuxedo cat.  

The pieces are designed here in Los Angeles and cast and finished in New York’s diamond district in Midtown Manhattan. Saint Lawrence is a joint relaunch of work that Camilla started while working in New York’s fashion industry. Trained as a silversmith, Camilla loved the infinite possibilities the rigid medium offered and the notion of making wearable art. While working in the accessories business as a handbag designer, Camilla also traded as a jewelry designer making custom pieces for private clients. Camilla is Saint Lawrence’s Head Designer.

While pregnant with our second child, we came to the collective realization that we wanted to combine our energies and collaborate on a joint venture. At this same time, Alexander had begun to play around with 3D printing and had started to take Camilla’s hand made pieces and digitalize them to be able to print them. The result was the first step in the creation of Saint Lawrence. Alexander is Saint Lawrence’s Principal, overseeing everything from jewelry production to the company’s day to day operations. 

Influenced by the clean lines of danish modern silversmiths, Saint Lawrence’s work is geometric, contemporary, streamlined and modern. Saint Lawrence’s design work began with the idea of making miniature, wearable sculptures. That through playing through a complex design, the goal of making a simple and relatable shape was possible.